Professional Practice Networks

PPN Leadership Opportunities

PPN Leadership Opportunities

In addition to a chair or co-chairs, many PPNs also have one or more PPN officers to assist with specific activities or provide general assistance as needed. Want to get more involved with your PPN? Possible PPN officer positions are described here. Then to get started, contact your PPN’s chairs or and state your PPN interest area.

Contribute and Participate on a National Level

  • Write for The Field, the PPNs' blog
  • Submit a proposal and be a speaker for a PPN-hosted Online Learning presentation
  • Be part of a peer review process
  • Provide leadership as a PPN chair or officer
  • Share expertise as a speaker or press contact
  • Influence ASLA policy, initiatives, and priorities

Annual Meeting Events

PPN Meetings
Individual PPNs meet to plan for the upcoming year

Exhibitor-led tours of the EXPO floor focused on PPN topic areas

Networking Reception
Social event for all PPN members and a great opportunity to broaden your professional network

Education Sessions
Host a session and introduce the speakers and topic



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