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The America Society of Landscape Architects
donated its records to the Library of Congress on December 19, 1969. 

There are no restrictions on the material. 
The literary property rights have been dedicated to the public. 

Linear feet of shelf space occupied: 9
Approximate number of items: 11,000 

The items listed below contained within the Records of the American Society of Landscape Architects housed in the Library of Congress Manuscript Division may be accessed for research purposes. For information about scheduling an appointment and requesting specific contents of the collection for review onsite send an email message to or call 202-707-5387. The The Library of Congress Manuscript Division Reading Room is located in the Madison Building in Washington, DC. Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Saturday ET. Website:

Container Nos.  Contents  
1-2 1 General Correspondence (Chronological Arrangement)
3-21 2 Subject Files (Key Word Arrangement)
22 3 Letterheads of Members Chronological Arrangement)
23 4 Chapter and Committee Reports (Chronological Arrangement)
24-32 5 Books (Chronological Arrangement)
33 6 Letterbooks (Chronological Arrangement)


Container List

Container Nos     Contents
General Correspondence, 1906-20
General Correspondence, 1921-33
Subject Files (Key Word Arrangement):
  Committee on Applied Arts, 1927-1935
Committee on American Academy of Rome, 1914-1955
Committee on American Landscape Architecture, 1933-1935
American Planning and Civic Association, 1960-1963
Committee on American Society of Landscape Architects - A.I.P., 1938-1957
Committee on Annual Meetings, 1956-1960
  Committee: Annual Meetings, 1960
  Committee on Associate and Student Affiliation, 1957-1960
  Associations - Landscape Architectural, (Non-ASLA) Misc.
  Brochures, 1958-1960
  Associations-Non- ASLA:  California Council of Landscape
  Architects, 1958-1960
  California State Board, 1960
  Certificates, 1916-1956
  Chapters General, 1938-1958
  City and Regional Parks and Playgrounds, 1957-1961
  Civil Service Committee
4 Clippings, 1964
  Committee on Code of Ethics, 1926-1950 
  Committee on Competitions, 1916-1960
  Committee on Competitions, (Historical), 1960
  Historical Competitions, FDR Memorial, 1960
5 Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, 1957-1960
  Committee on Definitions, 1932-1956
  Special Committee to Obtain Designs and Estimates, 1915-1920
  Executive Director, 1962
  Committee on Education, 1909-1960
6 Committee on Education, 1909-1960
7 Honorary Election (Honorary & Correspondence) (Historical)
  Examining Board, 1910-1925
  Examining Board
  Fee Schedule, 1924 (Historical)
  Glossary of Housing Terms
  Committee on Housing, 1950-1960
8 ICED (Historical File)
  Index to Works of Landscape Architecture
  Committee on Insurance, 1956-1960
  Committee on Landscape Industry Conference 1960 (Historical)
  New Legislation 1966 (Historical File)
  Legislation, 1932-1938
  Membership and Deaths (Historical)
  Committee on Membership, 1929-1960
  Membership Qualifications, 1948-1960
  Membership Resignation, 1907-1936 (Historical)
  Membership Secretary (Historical)
  Michigan State University (Historical)
  Missouri Valley Chapter, 1960 (Historical)
9 Committee on National Arboretum, 1932
  Committee on National Cemeteries, 1944-1946
  National Conference of Instructors in Landscape Architecture
  (Historical), 1959
  National Defense, 1940-1942
  National Defense, Camouflage, 1942
  National Defense, Circulars of Information, 1940-1942
  Committee on National Historic Monuments, 1934
  New York Chapter (Historical), undated
  Committee on Nomination 1956-1958 
  North Central States Chapter (Historical), 1960-1962
  Northern California Chapter (Historical), 1953-1960
  Committee on Occupational Classification, 1946-1947
  Committee on Olmsted Memorial, 1928-1980
  Organization and Development, 1950-1960
  Pacific Northwest Chapter, 1960-1962
  Panama-Pacific Exposition, 1913-1915
10 Parks
  Committee on Central Park, 1927
  Committee on City Parks, Playgrounds and Public Property, 1945-1956
  Committee on Metropolitan and County Parks, 1943-1950
  Committee on National State Parks and Forests (Historical), 1958-1960, 1952-1955, 1916-1951
  State Parks, 1924-1939
  Pennsylvania Chapter (Historical), 1958-1960
  Committee on Personnel, 1926-1954
11 Photographs
  Historical File on Photographs of Chapters, 1960
  Historical File-Photographs: Works of Landscape Architects, 1962
  Photographs - ASLA Members, most undated, bulk of dated pictures 1952-1962
  Photographs - Miscellaneous, 1916-1964
12 Committee on City, Regional and National Planning, 1917-1959
  Committee on National Planning, 1933-1947 
  Committee on Town Planning and Industrial Housing, 1920-1923
  Committee on Post-War Planning, 1943-1946
  Committee on Plant Nomenclature, 1916-1960
  Committee on Policies, 1914-1951
  Potomac Chapter (Historical), 1957-1960
  Committee on Practice of Landscape Architecture by Governmental
  Agencies, 1931-1936
  Professional Collaboration (Historical), 1960
13 Committee on Professional and Governmental Relations -
  General, 1937-1947
  Committee on Professional and Governmental Relations -
  Contracts, 1935-1938
  Committee on Professional and Governmental Relations -
  Housing Division, 1934-1935
  Committee on Professional and Governmental Relations -   
  (Lack of Credit, etc.), 1934-1941
  Committee on Professional and Governmental Relations -
  National Park Service, 1935
  Committee on Professional Charges, 1948-1955
14 Committee on Professional Charges, 1928-1947
  Hubbard-Taylor Professional Practice, 1933-1944
  Committee on Professional Practice, 1947-1943
  Committee on Statement of Professional Practice, 1936-1942
  Professional Practice and Charges - Work by J.C. Olmsted, 1900-1915
  Professional Responsibilities, 1957
  Professional Responsibilities: Military Installations, 1956-1957
  Professional Responsibilities: Highway Work, 1956-1957
  Professional Registration (Historical), 1954-1960
15 Professional Registration, 1919-1957
16 A.S.L.A. Professional Registration, 1929-1939
  Professional Service, Committee on, 1946-1960
  Committee on Professional Service: FHA, 1955-1956
17 Public Relations, 1916-1960
  Publication Board, 1949-1960
  Publicity -Releases - Historical, 1966
  Public Housing Administration (Historical), 1960
  Committee on Quarterly, Landscape Architecture, 1935-1937
  Guarantees and Sustaining Subscriptions, LA, 1938-1940
18 Committee on Relations with Trades, 1907-1941
  Committee on Review Requirements for Membership, 1942-1943
  Roads and Highways, 1931-1947
  Historical: Roads - Better Highways, Info. Foundation, 1960
  Public Roads, etc., 1948-1955
  Historical: Rocky Mountain Chapter, 1960-1962
  Membership Rosters, 1914-1961
  Committee on Seal, Certificates, and Letterhead, 1916-1939
  Historical: Short Course, LA, 1959
  Committee on Site Planning, 1944-1945
  Committee on Society Seal, 1918-1948
  Historical: Southeastern Chapter, 1929-1960
  Historical: Southern California Chapter, 1953-1960
  Historical: Southwest Chapter, 1957-1960
  Committee on Special Studies - Roundtable Conference, 1945-1946
19 Standard Contracts and Specifications, 1928-1938
  Committee on Standard Symbols, Scales and Terminology for Planning Use,
  Committee on Traveling Exhibition, 1951-1954
20 Committee on Traveling Lecture, 1931-1933
  Historical - University of Illinois, 1954
  Historical:  Upstate New York Chapter, 1957-1960
  National War Manpower Commission Roster, 1940-1945
  Committee on War Memorials, 1913-1946
  Washington Bi-Centennial Commission U.S. Hon. Sol. Bloom, 1931-1932
  Committee on National Capital, 1943-1959
21 Washington - National Capital, 1919-1935
  National Commission of Fine Arts Commemorative Magazine, 1910-1950
  Committee on the National Capital (Commission of Fine Arts), 1940-1950
  Committee on the National Capital (National Capital Park and Planning
  Committee) Historical File, 1949-1957
  White House Grounds, 1951-1960
  Committee on Williamsburg Restoration, 1928-1952
22 Letterheads of Members Prior to 1932
23 Reports of Chapters and Committees, Printed, 1927-1955
24 Books (Chronological Arrangement):
  "Transactions of the America Society of Landscape Architects,"
  5 copies, 1909-1921
25 "Transactions of the American Society of Landscape Architects,"
   3 copies, 1909-1921
  Thomas H. Mawson, Hon. A.R.I.B.A.,
  "The Art and Craft of Garden Making," 1907
26 "American Landscape Architecture,"
   incomplete collection of monthly periodicals,
  July 1929-October 1932
27 "The Life and Work of an English Landscape Architect - An
  Autobiography by Thomas H. Mawson, F.L.S.," 192?     
  Henry Vincent Hubbard and Theodora Kimball, "Landscape Architecture," 1920
  Lewis A.Coffin, Jr., Henry N. Polhemus and Addison F. Worthington,
  "Small French Buildings," 1921
28 "Transactions of the American Society of Landscape Architects," 1922-1926
  Mildred Stapley Byne and Arthur Byne, "Spanish Gardens and Patios," 1924
  Percy S. Cane, Geoffrey Holme and Shirley B.Wainwright, "Modern Gardens -- British and Foreign," 1926-1927
29 "Boston Society of Landscape Architects," 1929, 2 copies
  New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects,
       "The Third Annual Exhibition," 3 copies, 1926,
       "The Fifth Annual Exhibition," 1928,
       "The Sixth Annual Exhibition," 2 copies
       "The Eighth Annual Exhibition," 1931,
       "The Ninth Annual Exhibition," 2 copies, 1932,
       "The Tenth Annual Exhibition," 1933
30 American Society of Landscape Architects,
       "Illustration of Work of Members," 1931, 4 copies
31 American Society of Landscape Architects,
       "Illustrations of Works of Members," 1932, 2 copies
32 "Architecture and Design," periodical, Vol. III, no. 3, 2 copies; Vol. XXII
  ASLA Roster (pressbook), 1899-1959
  Florida Landscape Architecture periodical, 2 copies, 1966
29-30 Letterbooks  
  American Society of Landscape Architects Outgoing Letters.
       3 Volumes - 1900-1906, 1907-1908, 1908-1909

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