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Ethics Committee LAND Articles

These articles do not represent a determination by the ASLA Ethics Committee of an actual case. One of the responsibilities of the Ethics Committee is to enhance member awareness about the Code of Professional Ethics and Code of Environmental Ethics, which contain important principles relating to members’ duties to clients and to other members. While there may be additional licensing, legal, or legally actionable factors in these hypotheticals, the Ethics Committee’s comments address only the implications with regard to the ASLA ethical codes; the discussions of these hypotheticals by the Ethics Committee do not constitute legal advice.

November 2011 A Case of Mistaken Identity
September 2011 Breach of Confidentiality
July 2009 Misattribution
September 2008 Misrepresentation of experience
July 2008 Voiding a contract
May 2008 Revealing confidential information
August 2006 Compliance with continuing professional education requirements
July 2006 Signing and sealing plans
June 2006 Board of Trustees revises procedures for filing an ethics complaint
April 2006 Moonlighting
March 2006 Quid pro quo
February 2005 Misrepresenting qualifications and plagiarism
November 2004 Failure to incorporate changes to plans
September 2004 Member hired to review work of another joins design team
September 2003 Member interferes with another’s contract.
July 2003 Employment contract do-not-compete clause
May 2003 Moonlighting subordinate imperils principal’s contract
April 2003 Partnership lost:  resolution of part five
May 2002 Partnership lost:  part five
April 2002 Partnership lost:  part four
March 2002 Partnership lost:  part three
January 25, 2002 Partnership lost:  part two
January 11, 2002 Partnership lost:  part one
October 2000 Qualifications questioned by competing landscape architect
September 2000* Program head refers government official to firm in which he has an interest
June 2000 Landscape architect has conflict of interest when developer moves into her jurisdiction
May 2000  Question of misrepresentation of project by developer
April 2000 Qualifications misrepresented
March 2000 Landscape architect on oversight board personally affected by housing plan
February 2000 Schedule of fees for a design/build practice. 
January 2000 Landscape architect falsely claims the work of another
November/December 1999 Landscape architect complains about pro bono services of another 
October 1999 Government landscape architect endorses products and uses ASLA designation
September 1999 Landscape architect in public practice retains relationship with former employer
August 1999 Contractor misuses landscape architect's plans
July 1999 Landscape architect solicits employee at workplace
June 1999 Professor offers services of students
May 1999 Landscape architect receives credit for award winning project due to another
March/April 1999 Landscape contractor substitutes materials.
February 1999 Undisclosed interest in project
January 1999 Landscape architect takes credit for former employer's work 
November/December 1998 Landscape architect changes plans another 
October 1998 Zoning board member conflict of interest
September 1998 Government employee negotiates with firm for post-retirement work. 
July/August 1998 Plan stamping for out of state landscape architect. 
June 1998 Public employee misleads client about availability to work on project
May 1998 Government employee works part-time for contractor she is overseeing
April 1998** Misuse of Affiliate Member status
March 1998 Associate Member develops project, leaves employ, and takes project with him
February 1998 Photo of landscape architects work used by another
January 1998 Proper credit to former employer for limits of involvement

* Last hard copy of LAND
** First illustration by Van L. Cox, FASLA