"As a landscape architect, the ability to work with spaces and to find a solution to a problem or challenge, while at the same time creating something aesthetically pleasing, is really inspirational..."

Eddie George
Associate ASLA
professional football player
and Firm Principal
The Edge Group
Dublin, Ohio

Founded in 1899, the American Society of Landscape Architecture (ASLA) is the national professional association for landscape architects representing more than 18,000 members across the U.S. and abroad.

Career Discovery


Green roofs are just one type of project landscape architects work on.

Look at your community. How did the parks, residential developments, campuses, shopping centers, gardens, transportation facilities, and, trails and bike paths take shape? Planning, designing, and land use management is the work of landscape architects.

Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, and manage the natural and built environment. They are also problem solvers–they analyze the impact of a proposed project to be sure that it benefits the environment.


Interested in the environment and art? Landscape architecture is a profession that blends creativity and science.

View a movie about landscape architects who work in an urban setting. When most people think of architects, they think of buildings, but who designs the parks, plazas and gardens in our cities?

View a movie about a landscape architect who works with a civil engineer to create recreational areas for visitors to the Cibola National Forest.

Follow the adventure of Mass Transit Man and Biking Bandito. While students at Michigan State University, Andrew Deer and Joseph James were selected as winners for their short comic strip, Super Sustainable Landscape Architects.

In this set of 50+ interviews, learn about all kinds of landscape architects – from those who work on the really big scale and design parks and plazas to those who create jewel-box gardens. Learn more.

Want to be a landscape architect? Learn about the educational requirements and get tips on how to choose a school.

Is landscape architecture the career for you? Find out.