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Product News by Forms + Surfaces, Victor Stanley, ANOVA, and Topos


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Members of the Professional Practice Networks (PPNs) were recently surveyed about their favorite spaces. Responses were varied and had many insightful comments and suggestions, which will be shared and discussed with everyone here over the next few months.

As we are in the midst of homecoming season, it's time for a review of the universities and colleges mentioned in the responses to our favorite spaces survey. Campuses popped up in nearly every category, from great spaces to linger to technically innovative projects.

Whether you're currently a student or faculty member, or if autumn just makes you feel nostalgic for when you were in school, let's take a look at PPN members' favorite spots on campus. Did your alma mater get mentioned?

Favorite iconic space 

  • The University of Pennsylvania's Locust Walk and College Green

"It's a great place for socializing in terms of scale and space. Walking into the area always feels like coming home."

Great space to move through 

  • Louisiana State University's Quadrangle
  • Michigan State University's campus
  • The University of Washington's Botanic Gardens and Arboretum

Space for lingering 

  • Cornell University's Cornell Plantations
  • The University of Michigan's Nichols Arboretum
  • The University of Virginia's main quad
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Memorial Union

Small, but mighty space 

  • The University of Georgia's Founders Garden

"Detailed, fits its site, quiet and contemplative."

  • The University of Massachusetts Amherst's Durfee Conservatory

"It has such a compelling combination of grand, historic trees and modern materials in a relatively small space. A truly beautiful, intimate space."

  Technically innovative project 

  • The University of Washington's South Lake Union Medical Center courtyard

Absolute favorite space 

  • Butler University's campus
  • Duke University's Sarah P. Duke Gardens
  • Swarthmore College's Outdoor Amphitheater
  • The University of Washington's Botanic Gardens and Arboretum


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