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Texas ASLA Call for Presenters; Due September 19

Date: 8/12/2014 - 9/19/2014

Type: Call for Papers / Submissions

Location(s): Texas


The 2015 Texas ASLA Conference Speaker Committee is offering ASLA members and other professionals the opportunity to submit a written proposal for an oral presentation with graphics for the 2015 Texas ASLA Conference, April 23-24 in Galveston.

Proposals will be selected for possible continuing education session presentations with the goal of educating fellow professionals with health, safety, and welfare criteria, along with any additional topics that would pertain to landscape architects licensure requirements. Some topics include but are not limited to:

  1. "The Process,” which encompasses many areas like marketing, negotiation, pro-practice, the design process, graphics, pricing, materials, methods, space planning, codes
  2. "Landscapes/Case Studies,” which could encompass process, historic landscapes, culturally significant sites, art in the landscape, residential design, horticultural experiences, with benefit to the profession and the public
  3. "Green/Sustainable Practices or current issues,” including but not limited to storm water management/ bioretention, irrigation, water harvesting, roof gardens, low impact development, climate change, or alternative energy.

Deadline: Written proposals including the attached application must be received by September 19, 2014, to be considered by the program committee.

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