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RFQ for Family Adventure Garden San Antonio Botanical Garden

Date: 8/27/2013 - 9/19/2013

Type: RFPs / RFQs

Location(s): Texas


The 38-acre San Antonio Botanical Garden recently completed the purchase of eight additional acres of property adjacent to the existing garden, the result of two decades of hard work. With this new land, the garden is poised to implement the first phase of the vision of its master plan, including a wonderful Family Adventure Garden.

This RFQ is for a sub-consultant to our prime consultant, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects Inc., to develop the program, detailed concept design, and renderings for the Family Adventure Garden at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. We’d like to request further information about your firm by providing us with the information detailed under the RFQ's Selection Criteria.

Our Master Plan shows our commitment to the future. We want families and their children to connect with the world of nature. We want them to enjoy the beauty of the plant world – and to learn life lessons from its delicate simplicity and its complex balance. We want to inspire our guests to be caring stewards of our environment. We want the community to embrace the garden as part of their daily lives, where lifetime memories are made. Rich with learning opportunities, the garden is integral to the quality of life we enjoy in San Antonio. The SABG is a visible leader in environmentally responsible gardening, architecture, land management, and childhood education / exploration.

Email Bob Brackman ( for full RFQ.


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