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From the Driveway to the Trailhead - The Missing Link

Date: 8/30/2013 - 8/30/2013

Type: Lectures

Location(s): US


CEUs are offered for this webinar!

Trail systems and networks are being developed across the country. Often these community trails are developed independently of other transportation systems such as neighborhood streets, roads, and transit systems. This session will explore the elements of street design, the value of local and regional partnerships, and the use of advocacy that can help to make your community more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The presenters will relate the success and experience of expanding the traditional trail organization into an effective multi-modal initiative to get improved trail, sidewalks, bike lanes and the community support for such in your community.


  • Identify the causes and challenges of connecting homes to trailheads and local trail systems.
  • Discuss, outline and recognize the existing value and cost savings of better utilizing local streets for bicycle commuting and transportation.
  • List examples of building and planning for safer streets and thus developing a bicycle/pedestrian safe, and trail connected community.

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