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Request for Qualifications: Redmond Downtown Park

Date: 7/16/2013 - 7/31/2013

Type: RFPs / RFQs

Location(s): Washington


Request for Qualifications: Redmond Downtown Park
RFQ 10396-13

The City of Redmond, Washington, is seeking an experienced and innovative consultant team to prepare a master plan for two-acre Downtown Park. Redmond is located eight miles east of Seattle. The master plan will set the stage for development of Downtown Park as a significant destination that is a showcase for art, a place for public gathering and cultural events, and a catalyst for economic development.

Redmond is home to Microsoft headquarters, and many of the world’s gaming, aerospace, and biomedical companies. The City is making a conscious effort to create an 18-hour a day community that serves all its population, including the many young adults and foreign-born residents and employees who live or work here.

The master plan process will include:

  • extensive public involvement
  • a robust art program
  • program development
  • multiple concepts for the park
  • cost estimating
  • analysis of financial sustainability.

Lead firms are asked to provide an SOQ in Stage 1 of the consultant selection process. In Stage 2, shortlisted firms will be asked to develop a complete team, participate in a short design competition, and take part in a two-day interview process in September 2013. An honorarium will be provided to finalists to help defray expenses.

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