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21st Annual National Children & Youth Garden Symposium

Date: 7/11/2013 - 7/13/2013

Type: Events

Location(s): Colorado


21st Annual National Children & Youth Garden Symposium will take place in Denver from July 11 to 13. Featuring a broad array of workshops, tours, and presentations, this event is designed for teachers, designers, youth group leaders, parents, and anyone who works with kids in school, community, or public garden settings.

This year's host is Denver Botanic Gardens. Keynote speakers include David Sobel, constultant and author; Marcia Eames-Sheavly, Cornell Garden-Based Learning; and Louise Chawla, Univ. Colorado Children, Youth and Environment Center.

Register at; email, or call (703) 768-5700, ext. 121.

American Horticultural Society (AHS)
Alexandria, VA.


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