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Frogtown Farm RFQ - St. Paul, Minnesota

Date: 6/4/2013 - 6/25/2013

Type: RFPs / RFQs

Location(s): Minnesota


Frogtown Gardens Inc. is seeking a consultant to create a plan for a five-acre farm. The farm is part of a larger 12.7-acre park owned by the City of Saint Paul. This RFQ focuses exclusively on farm design.

Frogtown Gardens has a comprehensive view of its food system and place in the world. As an organization that seeks to be financially sustainable over the long term, we recognize that our success hinges not only on a clear vision of where our farm fits into that food system but also where we can gain leverage to create financial sustainability.

The vision statement adopted by the Frogtown Gardens Board of Directors says, "Rooted in values of social equity, justice, and inter-connectedness; this urban farm on the hill serves as a model for multicultural community and a catalyst for economic development, wealth creation, community pride, and sustainability."

From the results of this RFQ (due June 25), three finalists will be selected for receipt of RFP; full proposals will be due July 16.

Each of the finalists will be awarded $1,500 plus travel costs to help defray their costs.

Submission Requirements for RFQ: 

  • a two-page letter of interest expressing your motivation for participating in this design
  • a one-paragraph bio and no more than a one-page resume with references
  • summaries of three examples of work on projects not to exceed three pages in total.

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