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Harlem Focus - Public Monuments: Art in Collaboration with Landscape Design

Date: 5/8/2013 - 5/8/2013

Type: Events

Location(s): New York


After winning a public competition, artist Algernon Miller and sculptor Gabriel Koren collaborated with landscape architect Mark Bunnell, ASLA, of Quenell Rothschild & Partners to design and execute the public circle and monument to African American abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass. Join Algernon Miller and Mark Bunnell as they discuss their collaboration and how landscape design informs site-specific art, and vice versa.

About the Harlem Focus series:
John Reddick, architectural consultant and Harlem historian, will curate and lead a series of talks featuring designers, landscape architects, architects, and artists whose work engages and affects the local community. The Harlem Focus series will highlight design issues in Harlem, ranging from public art and landscape architecture, to rooftop farms and urban woodland restoration, and explore how design will affect this unique neighborhood as it continues to evolve, change, and inspire.



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