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The Affordable Student Housing Challenge: Meeting Student Housing Needs at Community Colleges and Two-Year Regional Campuses - SCUP 2013 North Central One-Day

Date: 6/13/2013 - 6/13/2013

Type: Events

Location(s): US


This one-day event will explore issues and creative solutions to respond to the growing trend of young community-college students seeking/demanding the residential experience that a four-year institution provides as well as the under-served housing needs of the growing population of non-traditional students. This need is expressed by students that attend community college, those that are attending two-year colleges in remote locations, as well as students that attend four-year satellite campuses.

Meeting this need is challenging because these students require housing that is vastly different in both style and price point than the housing typically available to students of four-year institutions. Furthermore, many community colleges, by mission or mandate, cannot provide housing for the students who need it—a conundrum that needs urgent attention.

Hear and learn from a variety of stakeholders, including representatives from the State of Ohio state government, community colleges, four-year institutions with regional campuses, private developers, and campus planners. Institutions, consultants, campus planners, developers, and anyone else wrestling with the affordable student-housing challenge will find the discussion and exchange thought provoking and insightful. A series of short presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion.

We will examine:

  • Our challenge at hand: how urgent is the housing need and why does it need attention?
  • Why the need has not been met by the demand-supply free market model
  • How creative, collaborative partnerships between public and private institutions and between institutions and other private partners can begin to address it and what synergies can be leveraged
  • Case studies of affordable-cost student housing around the nation—what has and hasn’t worked.

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