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Visionary (re)Generation International Design Competition

Date: 12/6/2012 - 7/29/2013

Type: Competitions / Awards

Location(s): International


Visionary (re)Generation

The University of Manitoba in partnership with Manitoba Hydro has launched an international design competition seeking visionary design proposals for its 279-hectare (690-acre) Fort Garry Campus in Winnipeg, Canada. The campus includes the Southwood Lands, a 49-hectare (120-acre) former golf course that will become a new “sustainable” neighbourhood within the university boundaries.

The goal is to improve the campus experience and become a leader in innovative and sustainable environmental design. This will help the university better attract and retain students and faculty, while supporting its vision to be nationally and internationally recognized for excellence in teaching and research, innovation and creativity.

The competition is organized as an international open design competition in two phases. Eligible for participation are individuals who are entitled to use the occupational title “Architect” and/or ”Urban Designer/Planner“ and/or “Landscape Architect” in their country of residence. Up to seven selected finalists will advance to a second, more detailed design phase to fully develop their concept and vision. The procedure will maintain the competitors’ anonymity until all work is exhibited after the competition.

Registration is open from December 6, 2012 to January 15, 2013.

Submission of entries
Phase 1: March 11, 2013
Phase 2: July 29, 2013

Announcement of winner(s) in October of 2013.

To participate, eligible persons have to register through this website:
Please visit for additional information.


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