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2012 Association of Architecture Organizations Conference: Connecting People and Place

Date: 11/8/2012 - 11/10/2012

Type: Events

Location(s): International

Description: Come join the fun at the 2012 AAO Conference, the largest annual gathering for designers, educators, and arts/culture programmers to discuss the latest trends and strategies for spurring public discussion about architecture and design. Gain insights from top managers of architectural organizations on a host of challenging issues: fundraising, volunteer management, program marketing, curating exhibitions and festivals, jumpstarting community partnerships, connecting with learners of all ages. Featured speakers include James Burnett (Office of James Burnett), Robert Ivy (American Institute of Architects), Susan Chin (Design Trust for Public Space), Reed Kroloff (Cranbrook Academy of Art), Charles Birnbaum (The Cultural Landscape Foundation), and others. Plus, enjoy the chance to see works by Foster, Koolhaas, Pei, Piano, and Mayne, and landscapes by Kiley, Desvigne, and more. Perfect for docents, board leaders, nonprofit executives, program managers, educators, and students. More info at Don’t miss out. Register today!


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