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Global Solutions to Local Challenges: Case Studies from International Historic Preservation

Date: 9/6/2013 - 9/6/2013

Type: Other

Location(s): International


Global Solutions to Local Challenges: Case Studies from International Historic Preservation is a webinar that will given on September 6, 2012 from 7:00-10:00 p.m. EDT. It will be repeated on October 4, 2012, and November 1, 2012.

Within the ever changing urban and suburban environments, historic places (including districts, structures, and landscapes) are continuously the subjects of planning and economic development programs. Successfully integrating them within projects requires consistent evaluation. This three-hour webinar will further develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills of those currently in the field with a vision to explore historic preservation from an international perspective. Course participants will have the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge to case-study exercises. Participants completing "Global Solutions to Local Challenges: Case Studies from International Historic Preservation" will be able to:

  • Incorporate the key concepts of significance and value in projects surrounding historic places
  • Discuss and practice the historic preservation philosophies and principles that inform cities and countries globally
  • Understand the impact of international preservation legislation and policies and their relationship to strengthening management practices
  • Compare and contrast international approaches to those in the United States
  • Increase awareness of international challenges and trends.

The webinar is appropriate for those working within planning; economic development; historic preservation at the federal, state, or local levels; nonprofit organizations and private consultants in the aforementioned fields. For more information on the classes please see: To register, call 404.626.2398 or email


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