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Borders: Landscape on the Alert

Date: 10/17/2012 - 10/20/2012

Type: Events

Location(s): International


The conference is part of the regular conference schedule of the International Federation of Landscape Architects for the Americas Region and will be held this year in Medellin, Colombia. The conference program will be reinforced with the ratification and the official signature of the Latin American Landscape Charter Initiative. The principles that guide the Initiative will be a part of the program and activities proposed for the Conference:

  • The enjoyment of the landscape is a right of all human beings and therefore generates responsibilities.
  • The landscape is a fact of general interest.
  • The landscape is fundamental to the quality of life of society.
  • The landscape participates in the general goal of sustainability.
  • The landscape is closely linked to climate change mitigation.
  • The landscape is a fundamental part of the natural and cultural heritage and therefore of the regional and national identities.
  • The landscape is a resource favorable to economic activity that brings added value, increases production and contributes to job creation and new technologies.

The conference sets us right in the middle of landscape borders to forge new forms of intervention, handling and management of the landscape, as well as generating new perspectives diverting from the known, as new ecologies of the landscape. The conference is structured around a series of dialogs, city visits, exhibits, workshops, and open lectures and challenges the invited panelists to go beyond the concept of borders and explore it as a design opportunity and an environmental challenge, foreseeing a multi-scale approach when addressing diversity and landscape resilience. The sessions are organized around four interconnecting themes that explore the "Borders" subject. The program content has identified the issues that lack governmental and academic attention, and addresses geographic areas and sociocultural concerns and not political divisions or officially and/or academic defined boundaries.

The conference program is led by international and local speakers coming from a large array of disciplines such as ecology, geography, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, art, and social sciences with demonstrated expertise in the subject. Simultaneously, to contextualize the "Border " problematic, special activities are opened to the general public, such as project exhibits, art, and photography. The goal is to offer new perspectives from the threshold of the borders and to create a dialogue between contemporary peripheral landscapes captured by photographers, painters, and children, among others.


  • Geographic Reality vs. Forms of Occupation
  • Marginality vs. Identity
  • Public Policy vs. Landscape
  • Local Innovation in the Intervention.

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