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USGBC Issues Call for Speakers for Database

Date: 5/3/2010 - 12/31/2012

Type: Call for Submissions

Location(s): International


The U.S. Green Buildling Council has just launched the USGBC Speakers Registry, a tool that allows the green building community to search, browse, and read the profiles of and recommendations for self-registered speakers. Registration is limited to employees of national member organizations and members of chapters. ASLA is a national member organization, so staff and board members qualify, as do ASLA members who are also members of USGBC chapters.  

USGBC receives many requests for speakers. Landscape architects are encouraged to enroll to:
 ·           Broaden your recognition and your reach
 ·           Promote yourself as a leader in the field
 ·           Advertise your areas of expertise
 ·           Allow event-planners to find you rather than looking foropportunities to speak
 ·           Identify you as an official USGBC faculty member (whenapplicable).
To register, visit and click on "Register as a Speaker."
When registering, be sure to:
 ·           Add a short description of your areas of expertise and relatedbackground (this can be done in the "Statement" and "Experience"text boxes). Without these two supporting descriptions, yourprofile might be passed over by people looking for speakers thatfit their needs.
 ·           The Registry contains a recommendation option.  If you have given arecent presentation that was well received, contact an attendee orevent organizer and ask him or her to recommend you. Recommendations from others can go a long way to promote yourpresentations.
If you have questions, pleaseemail


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