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2008 ASLA Annual Meeting Handouts


T16, T20 and T30 Chanticleer: A Pleasure Garden (PDF)
T18   Tarp Farm: A Private Oasis (PDF)
T34 Bartram's Garden: Bringing a Legacy to Life #1, Bartram's Garden: Bringing a Legacy to Life #2, Bartram's Garden: Bringing a Legacy to Life #3, Bartram's Garden: Bringing a Legacy to Life #4, Bartram's Garden: Bringing a Legacy to Life #5 (PDF)

FS01Nurseries of South Jersey (PDF)
FS03 Therapeutic Gardens of the Delaware Valley (PDF)
FS08 and FS13 Green Roofs: A Decade of Lessons (PDF)
FS10 Healthy Trees Sustainable Landscape (PPT)

FRIB1 Essential Tree Issues: Planting to Preservation (Word Doc)
FRIB2 Four Quads and Seven Mowers Ago: Greening the American Campus (PDF)
FRIB3 Inside the LA Studio with Grupo de Diseno Urbano (Word Doc)
FRIB4 Green Walls: Technologies, Benefits and Design (PDF)

SATA4 Hiring and Keeping Top Talent, Whatever the Economy (PDF)
SATB7 Inside the LA Studio with Andropogon Associates, Ltd. (PDF)
SATA5 Inside the LA Studio with ARTECHO #1 (PDF)
SATA5 Inside the LA Studio with ARTECHO#2 (PDF)  

SUNA6 Native Plant Connection: A New Look at How Landscapes Can Support Biodiversity (Word Doc)
SUNB5 Integrating Water Features in Your Design: Achieving a Natural Look (Word Doc)
SUNB7 Persian and Islamic Influence in Contemporary Design (Word Doc)

MONB5 Planting Through the Seasons (Word Doc)
MONA7 Sustainable Practice in China (Word Doc)
MONC1 Black and Green: Dynamic Balance in Transportation Corridor Planning and Design (Word Doc)
MONC8 The Future of Municipal Stormwater Management in the U.S. (Word Doc)

Don’t miss the most important annual event for landscape architecture professionals!

Designing a More Sustainable Meeting

ASLA continues to reduce the carbon footprint of the annual meeting and 2008 will be the greenest meeting yet. The official meeting hotels and the Pennsylvania Convention Center are located within walking distance of each other, eliminating the need for shuttle buses. The hotels, convention center, show decorator, transportation company, and other vendors with whom ASLA contracts services must demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices. ASLA’s printed materials, signage, and decorations are recycled, recyclable, and printed with soy ink. The meeting handouts will be distributed electronically. Meeting attendees may do their part by traveling to the meeting via Amtrak, purchasing a TerraPass, or arranging air travel through GoodShop (see Travel and Hotel Information).