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The American Society of Landscape Architects actively encourages creating or improving access to places for physical activity within our communities, including parks, recreational facilities, bicycle paths, walking trails, and sidewalks.

Federal Advocacy

Community Parks Legislation : ASLA supports legislation that would provide grants to communities to create, rehabilitate, and maintain community parks and recreational facilities across the country. Under the legislation, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) would give priority to projects that connect children and other community members to the outdoors for physical activity; connect to public transportation; and contain safe biking and walking trails or routes. Notably, eligible projects should also use environmentally beneficial features such as “sustainable landscape features,” tree canopy coverage, improved stormwater management practices, and increased green infrastructure, which are all techniques that landscape architects excel at employing. The measure also encourages and provides grants for community involvement and planning opportunities. As a member of the Urban Parks Coalition, ASLA is working with the bill sponsors, Congressman Albio Sires (NJ), and Senator Kay Hagan (NC), the National Recreation and Parks Association, and other allied groups to ensure passage of this measure that will assist local communities and bring opportunities to landscape architects. 
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The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) was established by Congress in 1965. The Act designated that a portion of receipts from offshore oil and gas leases be placed into a fund annually for state and local conservation, as well as for the protection of our national treasures, including parks, forest and wildlife areas. Landscape architects are often on the LWCF front lines, designing and planning projects that protect our natural resources, our cultural and historic resources, and stimulate local economies in communities across the country. ASLA supports protecting and maintaining funding for LWCF to ensure future generations have access to these critical outdoor areas. Learn More

Livable Communities Act: The Livable Communities Act will help encourage a more integrated community planning approach at the local and regional level.  The bill encourages development that coordinates the communities’ transportation, housing, land use and economic development needs.  More specifically, the bill aims to address issues of congestion, lack of affordable housing, deteriorating infrastructure and high resource-dependence by assisting comprehensive and sustainable development. Learn More

No Child Left Inside: As a member of the No Child Left Inside Coalition, ASLA is working with Congress to have The No Child Left Inside Act reintroduced in the 112th Congress soon. The legislation would provide funding, training, and flexibility to school districts to enhance environmental education programs. Proposes giving states that develop such environmental literacy plans access to additional funds. Learn more.

Healthy Kids Outdoors Act: In November 2011, Senator Mark Udall (CO) and Representative Ron Kind (WI) introduced the Healthy Kids Outdoors Act (S. 1802, H.R. 3353). This measure would provide incentives to states to develop five-year strategies to get children and families active in the great outdoors.
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Advocacy Partners

ASLA-RTCA Memorandum of Understanding: Building Community
National Complete Streets Coalition 
LEED-Neighborhood Development (ND)
National Landscape Conservation System Alliance 
National Recreation and Parks Association
Surface Transportation Policy Project 
Transportation for America 


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U.S. Department of Transportation 
U.S. Department of Interior - National Park Service 

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