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Texas Fingerprinting Mandate Becomes Effective 2014

During the 2013 legislative session, the Texas Legislature successfully passed S.B. 204, which requires all licensed professionals, including incoming and renewing registrants/applicants, to submit a set of fingerprints to be used for the purpose of conducting a criminal background check. The fingerprints will be maintained by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and will be cross-referenced in order to provide the Board with notice of certain arrests or future convictions. These new regulations are effective January 1, 2014.

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The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE) provides detailed instructions for in-state and out-of- state/overseas registrants/applicants as well as tips and facts related to the processes on the TBAE website.

TBAE recommends giving at least a few weeks of lead time before renewal to ensure processing. Once you have submitted valid fingerprints to the State of Texas, you will not be require to do so again.

ASLA acknowledges the concern and burden associated with this new requirement and the effect that it will have on our current and future members, especially those who practice in multiple states. Since landscape architecture is a regulated profession and falls under the umbrella of TBAE, it is subject to the same requirements of all other regulated professions. ASLA and the Texas ASLA chapter are actively monitoring this issue and will continue to provide information and support to other chapters should this issue emerge in other state legislatures. For more information please contact ( ASLA Government Affairs Managing Director Julia Lent, Hon. ASLA.

Comments December 20, 2013 3:01 PM
Essentially what they are doing is investigating you without charge. This is a case of "guilty until proven innocent," not "innocent until proven guilty." You are denying people their livelihood unless they comply with your unconstitutional requirements. Why limit it to just licensed (and applicant) professionals? The reason is, this is just a start, a foot hold into violating EVERYONE'S rights. Why not just require a blood sample and a DNA test too? This is UNAMERICAN. Land of the free?
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