Professional Practice Networks

ASLA supports 18 specialized areas of landscape architecture called Professional Practice Networks (PPNs). Membership in these groups is available exclusively to ASLA members. ASLA members may join one PPN for free, and each additional PPN for only $15 per year. Learn how to join PPNs. You can also change from one PPN to another or end membership in a PPN by contacting member services at or 1-888-999-ASLA.

Why Join a PPN?

PPNs afford excellent opportunities for professionals in the same areas of practice to exchange useful information, learn about current practices and research in their field, and network with each other—both online and in person at the ASLA Annual Meeting.

Each PPN network (see links below) describes its objectives, offers Web resources specifically related to the PPN, and exclusive contact information for other members of the PPN.  

ASLA also provides LinkedIn groups for each PPN for online discussion and information-sharing, as well as opportunities to contribute to the PPN's success and share their expertise.

If you have not yet become actively involved in a PPN Network, please consider joining one--or more! Your participation in your Network’s dialogue and evolution is vital.

Total Membership in All PPNs as of 6-28-12

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