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Public Relations & Media Information
Landscape architects aren’t typically educated in marketing or public relations.  Lucky for us, ASLA has some great resources for  put together a few helpful resources to get you started:
5 Media Opportunities Available to YOUR Chapter
General Tips for Working with the Media
Press Release Examples
How to Make a Pitch to the Media

Information & Trends for Connecting with Your Fellow Practitioners

The Women in Landscape Architecture PPN has heard that many of our members are interested in a mentorship program.  In our research on this topic, we’ve realized that forming a national program wouldn’t meet the needs of our individual members.  However, many local chapters have formal mentoring programs and we encourage you to contact your local chapter for information.  

Northern California’s new Mentorship Program
American Institute of Architects Mentorship Program
“Wanted: Examples of Landscape Architecture Mentor Programs”
“Corporate Mentoring Programs”
“Mentorship: Sharing Expertise With New Professionals”
“Investing in Others as a Mentor”
“Explore the Benefits of Mentorship”
Oregon Mentor Program
Utah Mentor Program
Southern California Mentoring Program

We hope that these resources help you find a program you can join, or gives you inspiration to start your own program.  In fact, our PPN has written an extensive article on starting your own mentorship program

Women-Owned Business Resources
One of the most desirable aspects of a landscape architecture career is the opportunity to have one’s own practice.  This is especially attractive for women who want to maintain a flexible work schedule to balance their personal and professional lives.  An added benefit to women entrepreneurs is the fact that many municipalities and agencies give preference to women and minority owned businesses.  There are many organizations and resources available for women-owned businesses and we urge our members to seek out all the resources and benefits to owning a landscape architecture practice.  Below are a handful of resources to get you started:

Small Business Administration
Women-Owned Business Certification
Count Me In
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
National Association of Women Business Owners