LA in the News
Making Every Raindrop Count - The New York Times  --  2011-08-25
The Sky Is Mine - The Economist  --  2011-08-03
In Philadelphia, A Garden Grown Wild - The New York Times  --  2011-07-20
Rodin Sculpture Liberated on Bastille Day - The Philadelphia Inquirer  --  2011-07-15
Budding Relationship: The Merger of Landscape and Architecture Is Creating Fertile New Approaches to Building - The Architect's Newspaper  --  2011-02-04
The Lure of Landscape Architecture - Spokesman Review  --  2011-02-01
Green Building: A Fight Grows in Urban Planning, with Harvard at the Center - The Boston Globe  --  2011-01-30
Redesigning Design to Make Room for Landscape - Huffington Post  --  2010-12-27
Chicagoans of the Year in Design: Landscape Architects Peter Schaudt and Ernest Wong - The Chicago Tribune  --  2010-12-22
2010's Best Residential Landscapes - Garden Design  --  2010-11-18


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