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Landscape architects help communities by designing multi-use transportation corridors that accommodate all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, people with disabilities, and people who use public transportation.  These multi-use transportation systems reduce reliance on a single-use automotive transport, which in turn reduces traffic, improves air quality, and promotes a sustainable way of life.

Federal Advocacy  

MAP-21: The American Society of Landscape Architects supported the reauthorization of a surface transportation bill that promotes all modes of transportation, including bicycling, walking, and transit use.   ASLA advocated for the inclusion of a robust Transportation Enhancements (TE) program, an enhanced Safe Routes To School (SRTS) program, and a federal Complete Streets policy in the recently passed MAP-21. Learn More.

Transportation Enhancements : Communities across America are using Transportation Enhancements (TE) funds to expand travel choice, strengthen the local economy, manage stormwater runoff, protect the environment, and improve the quality of life. Landscape architects design critical Transportation Enhancement projects including stormwater runoff projects, bicycle and pedestrian paths and trails and other multi-modal projects. The American Society of Landscape Architects strongly supports the reauthorization of the Transportation Enhancements (TE) program and urges full funding for this program that provides critical community transportation projects and important opportunities for landscape architects. Learn more.

Complete Streets: Complete streets legislation would require that during the planning and design of transportation projects, states and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) take steps to create appropriate and safe transportation facilities for all those using the roadways including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, the elderly, persons with disabilities and riders of public transportation.  Approximately 500 state and local Complete Streets policies have been adopted across the country.  A national Complete Streets policy would ensure that all our nation’s right-of-ways are safe for all users.  ASLA sits on the steering committee of the Complete Streets Coalition, which works to implement a federal complete streets policy and state and local policies across the country. Learn more.

Safe Routes to Schools
: In the past forty years, the number of U.S. school children who walk or bicycle to school has declined dramatically, contributing to the widespread problems of childhood obesity and traffic congestion.  In an effort to combat these issues by encouraging children to walk and bicycle to school, the federal Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) program was established in 2005. The Safe Routes to Schools Reauthorization Act (S. 800), introduced by Senator Harkin in April 2011, is legislation to reauthorize the  SRTS program for schools to provide infrastructure improvements, health education, law enforcement, and promotion campaigns that would create safe and accessible transportation routes for school children and increase public awareness of the associated benefits. Learn more.

Public Policies

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National Complete Streets Coalition 
National Recreation and Parks Association 
Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership 
Surface Transportation Policy Project 
Transportation for America 


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