Education Sessions

90-minute education sessions will be offered from Friday through Monday. Each session is 1.5 professional development hours (PDH). Unless otherwise noted, the instruction level of the education sessions will be intermediate or advanced, appropriate for an experienced, professional audience. The ASLA Fund supports ASLA research, library, archives, awards, and professional education programs.

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Friday 8:30–10:00

Sustaining the Agricultural Landscape: Practical Tools

Despite being a defining element of the American landscape, America's farms and farmland continue to be at risk on several fronts. Preserving the agricultural landscape requires thought on a grand scale, a palette of tools, and a long-term outlook. Using case studies, panelists will discuss innovative tools for sustaining the agricultural landscape, including purchase of development rights, transfer of development rights, as well as zoning and subdivision concepts tailored to enhancing the long-term viability of agriculture and the agricultural landscape.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover agriculture as both community amenity and economic engine
  • Grasp the issues facing farmers as U.S. agriculture evolves
  • Develop a palette of successful tools to protect agricultural lands

Featured Speakers: George Frantz ASLA, AICP, George R. Frantz & Associates; Thomas Daniels, University of Pennsylvania; John Zawitoski, Montgomery County Department of Economic Development

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AICP, NY/HSW, FL

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: Advances in Living Architecture

Advanced concepts and technologies in living architecture mean enhanced opportunities for integrating buildings with the environment. Holistic ecological design addresses many problems pressing on clients today: diminishing water supplies, increasing energy and water costs, climatic irregularities, and economic pressures. The leading North American green-roof experts share their thoughts on the future of the living architecture industry, with outstanding examples from San Francisco and La Jolla, CA, to Miami, FL.

Learning Objectives

  • Through living architecture, integrate ecological design with optimal building performance
  • Overview the latest in green-roof policy and regulation
  • Understand the success factors behind exemplary built projects

Featured Speakers: Paul Kephart, Rana Creek; Jeffrey Bruce FASLA, LEED AP, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company; Steven Peck, Hon. ASLA, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AICP, AIA, NY/HSW, FL

Public Parks: The Key to Livable Communities

Over the last 150 years, public parks have become an important part of the complex, modern metropolitan infrastructure on which entire regions depend for their physical, social, and mental health. They accommodate habitats and ecosystems, help to improve air and water quality and maintain habitable temperatures, and provide a framework around which metropolitan development takes place. They are not preserved natural environments. They are human artifacts explicitly created for recreational purposes and have become integral components of metropolitan living.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn why the creation of public parks is essential to 21st century livable communities
  • Understand how and why parks are being transformed through community funding
  • Learn about the London 2012 Olympic Park as a publicly funded legacy development

Featured Speakers: John Hopkins, Int’l. ASLA, Olympic Delivery Authority; Alex Garvin, AIA, Alexander Garvin & Associates Inc; Laura Adams, Shelby Farms Park

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AICP, NY/HSW, FL

Constructed Wetlands: The Sustainable Alternative to Conventional Wastewater Treatment

A truly sustainable approach to site and project design must address the impacts of wastewater. Conventional water treatment systems are inefficient, expensive, energy intensive, and highly polluting. The natural alternative—decentralized constructed wetlands—uses the landscape to treat wastewater cleanly and at lower cost to both your clients and the environment. Learn why these systems are finally catching on and how you can easily incorporate this technology into your projects at every scale.

Learning Objectives

  • Know how constructed wetlands work and perform better than conventional systems
  • Understand the full rural-to-urban transect of closed-loop biomimicry solutions
  • Discover an array of available wetland-based water treatment utilities

Featured Speakers: Jeff Speck, Hon. ASLA, Speck & Associates LLC; Scott Wallace, Naturally Wallace Consulting; Dominic Kulik, Natural Systems Utilities; Carol Franklin, FASLA, Andropogon Associates, Ltd.

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AICP, NY/HSW, FL

Redefining Water Management: Landscapes and Buildings Under Water

Water management in land development has evolved from a utilitarian practice to become one of the most significant factors in development feasibility. Current building and site designs must maintain the quality of water resources and accommodate coastal and inland flooding on a global scale. Through two project examples, this session will discuss the methods presenters have employed to address these challenges at two distinct scales. They will discuss how unique techniques like these may well become the standard for future developments.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize that sea level rise and increased storm intensity are now global challenges
  • Understand active and passive mechanisms for managing significant water challenges
  • See how to use water management as an element of future design strategies

Featured Speakers: Susannah Drake, ASLA, DLandstudio LLC;  Joan Krevlin, BKSK Architects, LLP; Judith Heintz, ASLA, Wallace, Roberts & Todd; John Leys, Sherwood Design Engineers

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, GBCI, AICP, AIA , NY/HSW, FL

Landscape Lighting for Comfort, Safety, and Visual Interest

Landscape lighting provides safety, comfort, and visual interest to a night site. Three industry leaders—Janet Lennox Moyer, principal of Jan Moyer Design; Doug Hagen, president/CEO of BK Lighting; and Mark Oxley, president of Outdoor Illumination—will discuss current issues and emerging technologies in design and manufacturing. The skillful and knowledgeable blend of sustainability, durability, and artful yet practical installation is at the heart of designing and specifying that next truly memorable nightscape.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the key elements of the design and installation of effective landscape lighting
  • Review the many sustainable, durable options available now and soon to come
  • Understand emerging technologies in wiring and corrosion resistance

Featured Speakers: Janet Lennox-Moyer, Jan Moyer Design; Doug Hagen, BK Lighting; Mark Oxley, Affiliate ASLA, Outdoor Illumination, Inc

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/HSW, NY/HSW, FL

Google SketchUp Presentation Graphics: Creating Effective Images and Animations

Despite the proven abilities of SketchUp to generate high-quality, textured, shadowed, and detail-rich 3D models and animations, not enough practitioners know how to use its full potential. Mastery of SketchUp is an essential professional skill set in the digital age. This session will demonstrate the vast array of SketchUp presentation graphics, providing an understanding of SketchUp tools and client expectations. Come see how designers are building 3D models that successfully convey design intent, from simple residential layouts to large urban plans.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create detailed SketchUp scenes and animations
  • Understand the value-added benefit of using SketchUp as a presentation tool
  • Gain insight into how clients interpret and react to 3D scenarios

Featured Speaker: Daniel Tal, ASLA, RNL

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/ non-HSW, AICP, NY/non-HSW, FL

Global Exchange: The Best Sustainable Codes, Standards, and Policies
As demand for green development has accelerated around the world in the last decade, so have supporting policy and government standards. Major advancements are coming from developing regions of the world facing radical change as well as developed countries focusing on advanced responses to incremental environmental challenges. This panel will provide a global view of how policymakers, economists, engineers, designers, and developers are learning from each other and will cite three international examples of the integration of zoning, codes, and oversight.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand relationships among zoning, building code, and rating methods
  • Explore regional successes in Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas
  • Learn how progressive cities are addressing sustainable development

Featured Speakers: Bry Sarte, Sherwood Design Engineers; James Heid Jr., ASLA, Urban Green; Mary Muszynski, ASLA, Trust for Public Land; Mark J. Spalding, The Ocean Foundation

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/ HSW, GBCI, AICP, AIA, NY/HSW,FL

Beyond PowerPoint: Delivering Killer Presentations

There is more to pitches and design presentations than the images that accompany them—or at least there can be. This fun, fast-paced workshop, led by a public speaking and acting coach, will help you maximize your impact in all communications with clients, design teams, and community stakeholders. Volunteer presenters (chosen in advance) will receive coaching on what they are doing well and what they could do better, so that everyone can benefit from their example.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the method-acting techniques of "Objectives, Actions, and Adaptation"
  • Identify and correct common habits that hinder powerful communication
  • Develop a reliable rehearsal process to make speaking fun and effective

Featured Speaker: Buzz Mauro, Center Stage Communications

1.5 PDH, Registered with LACES/ non-HSW, FL

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July 1, 2010

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August 6, 2010


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